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Offering a complete line of software applications allows industry professionals and component manufacturers to focus on their specific area of expertise with the precise tools they need to get the job done quickly. ITW BCG programs all work together. Choosing the right program for you depends on your role in the process.

The intricate design details for each segment of a structure require software tools that match that exact design challenge. Any experienced building design professional will tell you that having the exact software tool you need to solve a very specific technical design issue exactly when you need it - makes all the difference. The key to real progress then is not to build a one-size-fits-all program but to bring together different segment programs by offering better connections between the programs.

Software Direction Video Summer 2011
We're providing our customers with an edge. When working across ITW BCG software, we want to make sure that as one project passes from one stage to the next, even from one player to the next, it maintains the details and work you've invested. Our functionality let's ITW customers add value in new and exciting ways as they help define how business will be done moving forward. The best news... It is available today!

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