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  • Wall Integration
  • Line Input
  • Link Design Truss
  • 2D & 3D Sections
  • Purlin Frames
  • Hanger Design
  • Multiple EWP Design
  • Automatic Valley Conditions
  • Plate Shifting
  • Find Truss Out-of-Plane
  • Complete Layout Details

IntelliVIEW is a dynamic, fully integrated software solution for the layout and design of a buildings rough framing elements. These elements include roof and ­floor trusses, wall panels, precut walls, solid sawn, EWP, construction hardware, sheathing and various ancillaries.

At its heart is the integration of two time-tested work processes from IntelliBuild-WallBuilder and VIEW (Visually Integrated Engineering Window). This revolutionary IntelliVIEW program is capable of full analysis and will generate a complete bill of materials (BOM).

iCommand is the advanced technology business application built expressly to manage and control the flow of data in intelliVIEW. It is the first step in the process of any job and maintains control of a project from quotes to invoicing and post production review.

IntelliVIEW has both line input and a graphical user interface for designing trusses. That input flexibility gives designers unprecedented freedom to match the best approach to the job at hand - for maximum design efficiency. Now features that were exclusive to TrusPlus users including floor trusses in attics, meta truss and plated stacked lumber are all now part of intelliVIEW. Roof and floor truss layout and design utilize the architecture from VIEW.

IntelliVIEW in combination with VisionREZ delivers on the promise of whole building design with complete residential building information modeling (BIM). The process produces a bill of materials that is accurate and complete.

Contact your ITW Building Components Group representative today to experience the industry's most powerful software - IntelliVIEW.


Alpine customers will enjoy expanded input options that help with the generation and editing of designs. Dimension modification is now even simpler. IntelliVIEW gives you greater control of production specification and now offers easier access to key information.

Current Truswal customers will appreciate better wall input tools and cutting planes that reduce total input time. The new "Add Trusses" function will also help streamline the process. Powerful new connector functions let you quickly calculate connector specifications and add then to the layout. Making connector takeoffs has never been easier.

New features every user will benefit from include better data integration with no need to import or export information. Walls and trusses are immediately recognized in all software modules. Hotkeys can be assigned to speed the design of most any job function. The IntelliVIEW program easily reads PDF files for a quick way to input outlines from any plan source. VisionREZ files are fully compatible and seamlessly integrate all walls and planes with no modifications.

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